Calliope RESERVED for Monica

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Calliope's name is from Greek mythology, goddess of epic poetry. How fitting for a unicorn doll with all the trimmings :) There are lots of unique "epic" details in this beauty, so let's get to them!
Calliope's head and torso are made from repurposed wool fabric, and she is also entirely stuffed with organic wool. Her mane, tail, facial features, and the heart designs on her face are needle felted directly onto her, as is the watercolour-style rainbow wool on the top of her head. I'm very pleased with how that effect worked out!
Vintage and upcycled materials are everywhere on this girl: her lace crown and bow, her suede boots and horn, her fancy legs and that amazing tiny-stitched handkerchief top. The top is separate from the skirt so she can wear the skirt on its own as well. Speaking of the skirt--that is a piece of luxurious Nani Iro double gauze I have been saving. It features metallic gold accents on lovely muted grey and pastel tones. And don't forget the fringe trim!
Lastly, her arms are made of Liberty of London fabric in one of my favourite soft summer floral prints. I think I can safely say this unicorn is one of the sweetest you'll ever meet. She is about 17 inches tall and ready for a new friend.
Please note that Calliope is best suited for gentle play or shelf display, due to the delicate nature of her hair and a few small pieces. Not appropriate for children 3 and under.


Image of Calliope RESERVED for Monica Image of Calliope RESERVED for Monica Image of Calliope RESERVED for Monica Image of Calliope RESERVED for Monica