Xanthe and Kula

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Meet Xanthe, a lioness woodland changeling, and Kula, her little one. Woodland changelings were once gnomes, but have since transformed to possess animal features and skills. They live among local fauna, in the wild, and are rarely seen by humans. Their children remain gnomes until they come of age, when they have a chance to choose the life of a gnome or that of a changeling. Changeling babies, like gnome babies, are worn almost constantly by their parents and loved and nurtured by the animals around them as well.

Xanthe is made with reclaimed wool fabric and needle-felted merino wool for her hair and features. She is stuffed with organic wool stuffing and weighted with a mix of poly and glass weight beads, sewn in a seperate pouch. This means she can stand on her own wherever you'd like to display her. Lots of fun for photos!
Little Kula is all wool, and fits snugly in Xanthe's sling-style wrap. The wrap can be removed by untying it or sliding it off.

Caregiver changelings are approximately 9.5 inches tall, and baby gnomes are approximately 2 inches tall.

Every doll comes with a name card and Maryke Dolls tag, and in a fabric drawstring gift pouch.

Although these dolls are generally sturdy who no small pieces, they are recommended for children age 4 or older, and for display or gentle play only. The needle felted hair can get pulled or fuzzed if not cared for properly, and the tiny baby doll is not suitable for young children at risk of putting objects in their mouths.

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Image of Xanthe and Kula Image of Xanthe and Kula Image of Xanthe and Kula