Custom Woodland Animal Doll


Image of Custom Woodland Animal Doll

This is your chance to get the wool doll you want! You can order any of the animals pictured in this listing, which include:


If an animal is NOT listed, it's because I am either not confident enough in the pattern or materials I currently have on hand. For instance, velveteen rabbits are fussy to make and the colours are limited, so I'd rather just make those when I have the extra time/inspiration.

Each doll will come with your choice of outfit:

* dress OR romper OR pants + vest.
* one knitted accessory: hat, shawl, or scarf
* boots or socks

Please note: I cannot possibility organize and show all the fabrics I have, so you can either trust me a a specific colour palette and style (ie. pastel bohemian) or show me fabrics you've seen me use previously if you would like them included. I can make the doll itself in almost any colour as I have a lot of recycled wool blankets. You want a purple sloth? You got it!

Also: I can't make the same doll twice! Similar yes, same no.

***Please let me know if there is a timeline you are working with. I'll do these as quickly as I can but I do ship from Canada, so if you need a doll in time for a special occasion you need to order well in advance and let me know so I can prioritize accordingly.

Thank you! And have fun dreaming up your doll!


Image of Custom Woodland Animal Doll